Giovanni Battista Falda

by sarahkburke

Dedication page, showing Hercules in the foreground, with Atlas (as fountain statuary) and his nymph daughters (the Hesperides) festooning the Roman wolf with garlands.

Giovanni Battista Falda, Li giardini di Roma: con le loro piante, alzate e vedvte in prospettiva / disegnate ed intagliate da Gio Battista Falda; nuouamente dati alle stampe, con direttione, e cura di Gio. Giacomo de Rossi.  Rome: ca. 1680.

Giovanni Battista Falda, ca. 1640-1678, was an Italian printmaker known best for his architectural views.  Many of his publications celebrated the renovation projects of Pope Alexander VII (pope from 1655-1667), who sponsored Bernini and other principals of the High Roman Baroque.

Veduta del Giardino di Belvedere del Palazzo Pontificio in Vaticano

17th-century Italian printmakers created series on the art, architecture, and landscape of Rome.  These prints were often purchased by patrons of art and architecture, and therefore they played a significant role in encouraging the Grand Tour, a rite of passage for many European gentlemen.

Pianta et Alzata del Giardino di Belvedere del Palazzo Pontificio in Vaticano

Falda is known for his relatively realistic and accurate depictions, as compared to the picturesque style employed by contemporaries.  Giovanni Giacomo de Rossi (1627-1691) was a leading publisher and print dealer in Rome.